Werribee Basketball Stadium

Werribee Basketball Stadium

Project Description

Werribee Basketball Stadium was a new development. Our client had a few specific requirements for their lighting that we needed to consider when working on the project. Firstly, they were looking for a heavy duty Highbay that would easily withstand knocks and bumps from the basketballs. They also needed a lens to cut out the glare factor, to be able to run a quarter of the Highbays on a DALI digital dimming system, and to save on energy and electricity costs. Finally, they also needed a high lux level which would be appropriate when professional competitions took place.

Bearing in mind the needs of the client and the specifications of this project, we used the Vibe 200W natural white LED highbay light (250x VBLHB-927-4-50) with the acrylic lens and cover. This is a weatherproof light with a 200w wattage, with a 5000K colour temperature and 120 degree beam angle. By using 250x 200W LED Highbay as opposed to 250x 400W metal halide, we were able to secure a substantial saving on energy consumption. Since these lights would operate for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, the return on investment we anticipated included a payback period of 134 weeks and savings amounting up to approximately $67,000 per year in electricity bills. Additionally, we also expected a huge saving on black balloon carbon emissions, making this a smart, sustainable decision.

Considering how the client was keen to use lighting fixtures that were energy efficient, they were satisfied with the lights that we used, which did the job perfectly. Our work on this project demonstrated how smart lighting fixtures can be used to achieve the preferred illumination levels without leading to hefty bills.

Project Details
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    Werribee, VIC